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For Young People:

Ready to begin your adventure? There are three sections you can join, depending on your age. The activities and opportunities vary but what is the same is that each will empower you to make friends, learn skills and try new things.

For Parents/Guardians
Scouting is currently active all around the globe, with 28 million members in 216 countries and territories. Over two-thirds of this international involvement are in developing countries.

Want your child to experience the fun, friendship and adventure of Scouting? You’re not alone. As well as the chance to take part in a range of exciting activities, scouts learn other skills as well. One study has shown that 87% of young people said that Scouting helped them to contribute to their communities as active citizens. A more recent study has found a strong link between participating in Scouting as a young person, and having significantly better mental health.

If you want your child to be part of this amazing organisation Please fill out the form below to add your child to the current group waiting list. Depending on the age of the child we may currently have a place ready and waiting for them!