Support where it's needed

Support where it’s needed

Scouting is about giving children a safe and supportive environment to have new and exciting adventures. It teaches new skills and develops values to live by: respect for themselves and for others, helpfulness, friendship, awareness, understanding and tolerance; integrity based on loyalty, honesty and trust; leadership, resourcefulness and courage in the face of difficulties.

To get the best out of our children in Scouting, we only need invest a little time and a positive attitude to make their adventure the best it can be.

We invite women and men of all ages, interests and backgrounds to support 1st Warden Hill Scouts. You don’t need to have had previous involvement is Scouting or Guiding, all that is required is a willingness to give some of your time and a positive attitude!

Our volunteers come from all different backgrounds but are united in one purpose, to enable our child members get the most out of Scouting in a safe protected environment.

Our volunteers also enjoy the benefits of Scouting by learning new skills, making new friends and enjoying a social life with a purpose. The Scout organisation offers training that is tailored to each individual, going at your own pace and with the support of designated County Trainers and Group Leaders. We will empower you to lead others and many people find that the free training they receive, helps in both their professional and personal lives.

There are different volunteer roles that we are reliant on, from helping to plan and run a varied and exciting programme, helping with activities, fund raising or being part of the Committee, who support the Group and Leaders.

All volunteers must undergo a DBS check, which will be free of charge to them.

The Group is only as good as the volunteers.  If you wish to join us or just want to know more, please complete the attached form.

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